May 21 Program Please note our EARLY START TIME

 600 PM   Mineral Sale    The speaker will be offering a variety of minerals for sale, including oddities, thumbnails and micromounts.

730 PM   “A Variety of Mineral and Rock Oddities” The speaker will present different types of mineral oddities in “show and tell “ format  These include crystal rosettes and cruciform shapes, concretions made of sand mud and iron as well as mineral pseudomorphs.

Karenne Snow is author of 'Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey' and President of the Philadelphia Mineralogical Society

January 15th 2019 The Color of Minerals By Howard Heitner

February 12th 2019  Agates Close up. A Rochester Symposium Lecture Video
​By Douglas Moore, University of Wisconsin

March 12th 2019 How Iron is Made by Donald Bayne. The speaker is the retired Environmental Educator and Historian of Sterling Forest State Park.

November 2nd and 3rd-Saturday and Sunday-our 

31st Annual Show and Sale at the Eastern Greenwich Civic Center

April 16th 2019 Gem Enhancements, Synthetics, and Fakes - Know what you are Buying       By Judy Schuster. From the Bristol and the Meriden Clubs


November 12th 2019 Regular Monthly Meeting

December 14th 2019Saturday Holiday Party, Location and Time TBA

Stamford Mineralogical Society

Programs for 2019 at the

Eastern Greenwich Civic Center

June 11th 2019 Regular Monthly Meeting

July 9th 2019 Regular Monthly Meeting

Multi Club Picnic, End of July TBA

Sept 17th 2019 Regular Monthly Meeting

October 15th 2019 Regular Monthly Meeting