Sept 25   Program
                               Open to the public
                     7:30 PM

Gem Enhancements, Synthetics, and Fakes – Know What You Are Buying
by Judy Schuster

Rapidly advancing technology and expanding global markets have had a major impact on the gemstone industry.  Almost every gemstone offered now for sale has been enhanced in one way or another.  What enhancements are considered “industry standard” and what, if any, are fraudulent?  How can you tell?  What can you expect to find in the international market?  Is it worth seeking totally natural stones?  How do you know what you are buying?

This presentation guides you through the maze of colored gemstones (which now includes diamonds!) by explaining the history of gemstone enhancement and describing the innumerable treatment methods.  You will learn specifics about some of the stones most desired in jewelry - from emerald, ruby and topaz, to jade, turquoise and tanzanite.

Some examples of natural vs. enhanced gemstones will be available for “hands on” inspection.

Eastern Greenwich Civic Center
90 Harding Rd. Old Greenwich, CT 06870